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Welcome to the U.S.S. Whetstone (LSD-27)
Association Members Roster.

These Roster lists are for current members who were shipmates, their relatives (Listed by the year they reported onboard).  For members without onboard dates and members from the civilian public see Reserve Crew Page.  Specific members may be easily found from the "Search Page".  For this search you can use Last Name, First Name, Rate/Rank, City or State of Residence and initial onboard dates.  There will be multiple results for searches other than by Last Name.  To view an entire "Roster Page" begin at any of the links provided.  The lists are current as of April 1, 2008. However, if you should find and error, please contact the Webmaster.


We have made the following changes to the appearance of the lists.

  1. Members with an email address are shown with their last name in Italic print.  The color of all column entries will be the same.

  2. Plank Members are listed with a "P" in the Onboard Dates column.

  3. Departed Members will have a "D" in the Onboard Dates column where the membership is being retained by a Spouse or family member.

  4. We have attempted to list dual cities of residence for those members where available.

If you are not currently a member and would like to join us, please complete the Registration by following this link to Registration Page.

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