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While you view this page, you can salute our Departed comrades and shipmates.  Honor them through the playing of one of these Hymns, Anthems or Marches.

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Alqueza, Christiano
Anderson, Foster
Anthony, Jimmy
Anthony, Lloyd
Attamont, Tony T.
Auwen, Bryan L.
Bacon,David G.
Bagley, Donald V.
Bailey, Finley A.
Barbarossa, Russell
Barber, George
Barkas, John C.
Bartholomew, Bart
Baxter, William
Becker, Leon
Beede, Albert E.
Bell, Rex
Bell, W. A. "Bill"
Berry, Robert E.
Black, Gordon
Blandin, Sherman
Bley, Lloyd Lee
Bloodworth, Robert G.
Bogusch, William "Bogie"
Boren, Benjamin
Bortle, Robert
Boswell, Robert
Bourgeois, Clair C.
Breames, Gordon
Breedlove, James E.
Britt, Tom
Brown, Donald L.
Brown, Kenneth
Bruce, Marvin D.
Bullock, Charles S.
Burgess, Thomas R.
Burney, John L.
Burris, Richard E.
Bussey, Hank
Butler, Eugene F.
Caldwell, William R.
Caffey, Irby R.
Call, Jay J.
Callahan, Alvin
Campbell, Burnell R.
Carney, Thomas P.
Chidester, Doug
Childs, Cecil C.
Cihak, Wesley
Clark, Tom
Clemmons Jr., Leslie
Coatsworth, Robert
Cobb, John V.
Coker, Orva M
Commings, Max
Conine, Bob
Cooke III, J. Bleecker
Cooksey, Robert B.
Cormier, Norman G.
Covey, Gene F.
Covino, Frank
Cox, Richard M.
Crenshaw, Edwin L.
Crider, Walter
Cruz, Antonio R.
Dailey, Wilbur A.
Dalton, Leon
Damron, J. S.
Davis, James E.
Davis, Murate
Dea, David M.
Dell, Anthony
Devine, Orlando
Dilley, Richard J.
Dixon, Thomas L.
Doherty, Harold E.
Doney, Robert G.
Donzell, Richard
Draper, Lilbourne E. "Rusty"
Dresser, Donald
Dudley, Walter
Duerr, Joseph H.
Dunaetz, Hershel
Dyches, Archie
Dykas, Edward J.
Edge, Horace
Edmunds, Anthony
Edwards, Millard "Ed"
Edwards, Thomas F.
Elder, Charles
Eshelman, Frank
Eshom, James M.
Espointour, Maurice
Esteban, Eduardo
Fern Richard P.
Fields, Roger
Finlayson, Leonard
Finn, John
Fisher, Orval M.
Flowers, Charlie J.
Floyd, Brooks I.
Folks, Arlie Joe
Folks, Macie D.
Folks, Tracie F.
Follick, Larry P.
Follis, Jerry
Fontenot, Royle
Foster, Freddie
Foust, Roe
Fowler, Robert
Fox, J. Lee
Fox, James Arthur
Frank, Victor K.
Franzen, Leroy
Freeman, Jimmy D.
French, Dean M.
Fritz, Michael
Fulghem, Richard
Gafton, Frank C.
Galing, Capt. Searcy G.
Gamble, William
Geedey, Paul C.
Gensler, Delbert
Gentry, Alva "Pop"
Gifford, Gilbert
Gilliam, Cleland R.
Giovanetti, R. A.
Giusti, Julius
Glover, Joseph R.
Gold, Boyd O.
Goodrich, Jess
Gooslin, Don C.
Gorby, Gene E.
Gore, Reefer E.
Gough, Terry, G.
Graham, James (Shakey)

Graupmann, Donald D.
Gray, Amos
Greenhill, Edward
Gregory, Carroll, "Gene"
Gunnum, Thomas
Haglin, Clarence
Hale, Thomas P.
Hall, Fred L.
Hall, Leroy "Lee"
Hanson, David M.
Harber, Gerald
Harbin, Sammie
Harden, Herman R.
Hardy, George D.
Hardy, Richard P.
Harman, David
Harrelson, Glenn L.
Harrelson, Henry "Guss"
Harrelson, Lonnie
Harrington, Richard L.
Harwood, Boyd L.
Havelin, Wayne
Hayduk, David M.
Hayter, Harvey R.
Heidt, Donald E.
Heitz, Richard
Henderson Jr.,Thomas
Henry, Donald
Hestla, Charles
Hickman, Tony
Hicks, Vernon
Hinson, William
Hockema, Benjamin O.
Hoffman, Lawrence
Holmes, Robert
Holt, Dennis A.
Houghton, Donald W.
Howell, Larry T.
Huber, Ewald
Huckaby, Fuller O.
Hulen, Don
Hulon, Jack
Huneven, Robert L.
Hunt, John P.
Irvin, Herbert E.
Isaac, Reuben E.
Isenberg, Emil
Jack, Cyril J.
Jackson, Harvey
Janssen, Howard J.
Jennings, Samuel S.
Jennrette, Victor
Jepsen, Darrell
Johns, Elwood
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Michael E.
Johnson, Orville J.
Kadinger, Robert J.
Kalina, Joseph L.
Kanea, Richard Neil
Kasmiskie, Tom
Kauk, Keith E.
Keeling, Gene "Buddy"
Kermicle, Harlin R.
Ketchersid, Lloyd R.
Kircher, Vincent G.
Klemm, Floyd P.
Kloor, Bill
Kodesch, Charles
Koelle, Benjamin
Kress, Edward
Kuehn, Melvin P.
Kvidera, Larry T.
Ladner, Winston
Ladson, Ulmer
Lalla, John J.
Landon, Neal F.
Lanphear, George
Lanpkin, Gerald T.
Larsen, Don
Lattiner, George
Leat, William
Ledbetter, Robert L.
Lewis, E. Donald
Lillegaard, Eric R.
Linton, Raymond M.
Lively, Bernard R.
Locicero, Joseph
Lohmann, Gayle A.
Long, Ronald F.
Lonnon, Lawrence W.
Loudermilk, John D.
Lund, Larry Thomas
Macayan, Florentin
MacDonald, Paul J.
Maceri, Angelo
Machen, Elton
Magbuhat, Severion C.
Mann, Howard
Maphet, Steve
Martin, James R.
Mason, Charles E.
McCord, Warren
McCracken, Harry
McCullough, Don J.
McDougauld, Robert L.
McFadden, William
McInarnay, Michael
McKay, Verlon
McMahon, Walter S.
Miller, Clarence
Milligan, Delester R.
Minch, Billy
Moen, Robert
Morris, Bert
Morrison, Joe
Morritt, Etrall
Mosley, Terry
Mulholland, Howard E.
Murphy, Calvan H.
Murray, James L.
Nelson, Larry A.
Nelson, Lee
Newell Darrel K.
Nolte, Lester

Olaveson, James L.
Oleson, Ken
Olson, Clyde
Osotio, Ricardo T.
Page, Roy Eugene "Gene"
Pankonien, William
Papa, John "Jack"
Parkin, Arthur
Peacock, John
Peerson, Jack
Pennal, Floyd
Peterson, Clarence J.
Pilgreen, Vince L.
Pinder, Marcel
Pinzon, Alfredo J.
Pittman, Garnett
Pitts, John W.
Poisson, Conrad
Polk, James E.
Porteous, Joseph A.
Porter, Cdr. Mell G.
Powers, Reginald
Proft, Gerald "Jerry"
Proulx, Ronald
Provost, Don
Puckett, Nathan
Rabun, Cdr. Floyd K.
Redfield, Russ
Reeves, David
Rein, Randall W.
Reink, Robert
Rettig, Ivan Joe
Rhodes, Donald
Richardson, Raymond
Richetta, Raymond
Rigdon, Charles E.
Romine, Ralph E.
Rowe, Horace
Rudd, Malcom T.
Rumley III, William
Russell, Wayne
Ruvio, Joesph
Ryan, Randall M.
Sanders, Clark
Sanders, Morgan G.
Sandoval, Edward M.
Sapp, William C.
Savel Jr., John J.
Savala, Manuel
Schaaf, Donald T.
Scharnhorst, Fred
Scharnhorst, John
Scholly, Victor K.
Schuette, George
Scott, Johnny
Seabaugh, Raymond Ray
Seese, Ray
Sekardi, Leroy
Shephard, John
Shy, Charles
Siciliano, Louis
SilverRyder, William
Sitton, David
Smith, Clinton R.
Smith, Jay
Smith, Jimmie C.
Smith, Richard L.
Smith, Tommy B.
Sperry, James S.
Spruance, Edward
Starke, Martin
Staubs Jr., William
Stelzig, Delbert
Stoll, Edwin
Stuart, John "Jack"
Sullivan, Douglas
Sullivan, Tom
Sutherland, George
Tahamont, David
Taylor,John C.
Taylor, William A.
Terrell, Alex
Thomas, Albert E.
Thompson, Donnie "Cleo"
Thompson, Frances "Fritz"
Throener, Larry
Tibbets, Joe
Timmons, Garrett
Towner Sr., Frank L.
Tracy, Roy W.
Trigg, George
Tucker, George
Tucker, Milton J.
Van Hoosen, Charles
von Ting, Dennis
Vroman, Lewis
Vydra, David
Walker, George
Wallis, Larry
Warren, Robert H.
Waymack, James L.
Webb, William H.
Wells, William
White, Eddie
Williams, Carlie
Wilson, Glen W.
Wilson, James C.
Winders, George
Wisong, James
Worman, John
Wright, Harry R.
Young, Lucius "Lou"
Yount, Bobby
Zinn, Franklyn K.
Zunick, Joseph L.

Guard                  "They stood guard for Peace, never forget."

The content of this page is not deemed to be official.
Compiling information has been received through the V.A., shipmates
and relatives of shipmates.

Please advise Webmaster if there are any errors or unlisted entries.

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