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Text Box: President
Jim Dunn
(858) 566-1745 
1st Vice President
L. E (Rusty) Draper
(361) 364-1917 
2nd Vice President
Charles Hall
Kay Goble 
(239) 768-1449
Marion Goble 768-1449 
Reunion Co-Chairman
Jim Dunn
L. E (Rusty) Draper
Marvin Watson
(402) 421-8957
Bill Martin
(281) 427-6828
Newsletter Editor
John Worman 437-9872
David Vydra
The Rolling Stone is a Quarterly publication of the USS Whetstone LSD-27 Association, INC. The Association is a non profit, historical and educational    organization dedicated to promoting fraternal, civic, patriotic and historical memories of those who served aboard.


Text Box: March 2006


Text Box: 34th Edition


























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