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Greetings from
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Marion Goble
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1st Vice President
Jim Dunn
(858) 566-1745

2nd Vice President
L. E (Rusty) Draper
(361) 364-1917

Kay Goble
(239) 768-1449

Membership Chairman
Tom Britt
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Marvin Watson
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Bill Martin
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Newsletter Editor
John Worman
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The Rolling Stone is a
Quarterly publication of the USS Whetstone LSD-27 Association, INC.
The Association is a non profit, historical and educational organization dedicated to
promoting fraternal, civic,
patriotic and historical
memories of those who
served aboard.

Ahoy Shipmates! Another new year is here. We hope you all had a joyful holiday season and are now enjoying a healthy and prosperous New Year. Winter is on its last leg and we are looking forward to Spring and the beginnings of new things.

Recently I spoke with Jim Dunn who is handling the logistics for the next reunion in San Diego. He has been busy searching for the right hotel. After discussing the needs of the shipmates attending, we came to the conclusion that he should look for a hotel in the downtown San Diego area where the majority of things "to do" are within walking distance which would alleviate the necessity of renting a car or taking taxis to see the sights. However, finding a hotel that meets our needs with rooms at a reasonable price may be difficult. Prices are more reasonable on the outer edge of the city, but transportation could then be a problem.   

We are looking forward to the reunion in San Diego and think that it will be interesting to walk the same streets that we walked 30 to 50 years ago and observe the changes. I believe starting the new century in a city where many of us experienced the biggest change in our lives will be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Kay and I enjoy receiving the many letters and articles we receive from time to time and thank each of you for taking time to contact us. Again, thank you for all the support you each give the Association. It is only through your efforts and interest that the Association can grow and reach the many men who have served aboard the "Stone".  ~


Hopefully, everyone received the December newsletter which included a financial statement. If you did not and would like a copy of the financial statement, please call, write or e-mail Kay Goble, 6200 Emerald Pines Circle, Fort Myers, Florida 33912, (941) 768-1449 or e-mail  at mgoble@mindspring.com.

In addition, our Association by-laws adopted at the 1996 reunion and amended at the 1998 Biloxi reunion state that all members shall receive a copy of the by-laws. As the document is quite lengthy and the cost to mail to all members would be exorbitant, we believe that a mass mailing to all members is not using Association money wisely. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please write, call, or e-mail Kay Goble at the above address and a free copy of the by-laws and business meeting minutes will be forwarded to you.
Also, for your information we recently received our tax-free status from the IRS so future mailings will be more economical. 

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