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Ahoy Shipmates!!
Reunion time is upon us and we are looking forward to a great turnout in Seattle.  We have provided a great facility, a variety of tours and a fun time for all.  As you can see from the pictures from previous reunions, we all have a good time and enjoy ourselves.  As we look at these pictures we note that at least 25 have passed.  This may be the only opportunity you have to attend a reunion and see shipmates that you have not met up with for over twenty, thirty or forty years.  We move the reunion around the country to give an opportunity for all to attend.  We have many men who served aboard the Whetstone in the Washington/Oregon area.  That was the one of the reasons Seattle was selected as a reunion site.  As was said in the movie, “Field of Dreams”…..”If you Build It, They Will Come”, I will say to each of you,  “WE HAVE PROVIDED A REUNION AND WE ASK YOU TO COME AND SHARE A TIME THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET.”  
I hope to see many of you...many that I have met at previous reunions and served with and many that will begin a new friendship that will last a lifetime.    Please attend.  
Marion Goble, President
(BT, 1963-66)
REGISTRATION FEE:  At the Hampton, Virginia reunion during the business meeting we discussed a registration fee of $15.00 per man attending  the reunion which would be used to cover expenses of the reunion (i.e., insurance, hospitality room, door prizes, etc.).  We have decided to implement this program to offset the aforementioned expenses.  
HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  Please make your reservations now.  It is very important that we have the total number of rooms contracted by attendees due to our contract with the Doubletree.  Although monies for events are not due until August, please make room reservations as soon as possible.
THURSDAY NIGHT DINING OPTION:  We have been contacted by 3  downtown Seattle restaurants that offer private dining for small groups.  If any of you have a group of 8 to 25 or would like to make a reservation for a special dinner at one of the following restaurants, please contact us and we will send you applicable menus, contacts, etc.  The restaurants are:
Troiani Italian Cuisine
El Gaucho Premier Steakhouse
Waterfront Seafood Grill
SPACE NEEDLE:  We have also been contacted by some with an interest in visiting the Space Needle and have been disappointed it was not included as an event.  We are trying to add this to the Seattle day trip.  
MEMORIAL SERVICE:  We are trying to schedule aboard the USS Turner Joy during the Thursday Bremerton Tour.  
GOLF:  We have checked into golf opportunities for those interested.  There is a course close to the hotel.  Even though we have not planned a golf outing, we would be more than happy to put together contacts, etc. for anyone interested.  
DOOR PRIZES:  We would appreciate any donations of items that could be used for door prizes or raffles during the reunion.  
50/50:  We are looking for someone that would like to do the 50/50 during the reunion on Wednesday night and Saturday night.  Contact us at the registration table. 
Washington, DC
May 9, 2004
Text Box: Vito Speziale (SM, 1945-46), one of our Whetstone plank holders, who is presently holding the office of Florida State Commander of the Italian American War Veterans (ITAMS) was in Washington, D.C. recently with ITAMS to view the World War II Memorial.    While there, in a wheelchair, visiting the World War II memorial and the Korean Memorial, young and old people came up and said “thank you” to him and wanted their pictures taken with him.  He told us, “it brought tears to his eyes to think that so many cared for the World War II veteran.”   He also felt sad because he knew many thought he was disabled via conflict and he felt an imposter of those many that have suffered so much physically through their life for injuries sustained in battle.     




























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