Text Box: 2
Text Box: Departed Shipmates
Text Box: Alqueza, Christiano
Anderson, Foster
Attamont, Tony
Bagley, Donald V.
Bailey, Finley A.
Barbarossa, Russell
Barber, George
Baxter, William
Becker, Leon
Blandin, Sherman
Bloodworth, Robert .
Bortle, Robert
Bourgeois, Clair C.
Brown, Kenneth
Bruce, Mavin D.
Bullock, Charlse S.
Burgess, Thomas R.
Burney, John L.
Burris, Richard E.
Call, Jay J.
Callahan, Alvin
Chidester, Doug
Childs, Cecil C.
Cobb, John V.
Coker, Orvan
Conine, Bob
Cooksey, Robert B.
Covino, Frank
Crenshaw, Edwin L.
Cruz, Antonio R.
Dailey, Wilbur A.
Dalton, Leo
Damron, J. S.
Davis, James
Davis, Murate
Dea, David M.
Dilley, Richard J.
Dixon, Thomas L.
Doherty, Harold E.
Donzell, Richard
Dudley, Walter
Duerr, Joseph H.
Dunaetz, Hershel
Dyches, Archie
Dykas, Edward J.
Edge, Horace
Edwards, Thomas F.
Elder, Charles
Eshom, James M.
Esteban, Eduardo
Fern, Richard P.
Fisher, Orval
Text Box:  
 Gone the sun,
 From the lakes,
 From the hills
 From the sky
 All is well,
 Safely rest,
 God is nigh.
Text Box: The shipmates listed      below are assumed to be deceased. Information comes from shipmates, the V.A. and relatives of the shipmate. 
This information is not 
Please advise of any errors or omissions
Text Box: Flowers, Charlie J.
Floyd, Brooks
Folks, Arlie Joe
Folks, Macie D.
Folks, Tracie F.9
Follis, Jerry
Fontenot, Royle
Foster, Freddie
Foust, Roe
Frank, Victor K.
Franzen, Leroy C.
French, Dean M.
Fritz, Michael
Gafton, Frank C.
Galing, Capt. Searcy G.
Gamble, William
Geedey, Paul C
Gifford, Gilbert
Giovanetti, R. A.
Giusti, Julius
Glover, Joseph R.
Gold, Boyd O.
Gooslin, Don C.
Gorby, Gene E.
Gough, Terry G.
Graham, James (Shakey)
Gray, Amos
Greenhill, Edward
Harbin, Sammie
Harden, Herman R.
Hardy, George D.
Harrelson, Henry 
Harrelson, Lonnie
Harrington, Richard .
Havelin, Wayne
Hayter, Harvey R.
Heitz, Richard
Henderson, Jr., Tom
Henry, Donald
Hestla, Charles W.
Hicks, Vernon
Hinson, William
Holt, Dennis A.
Houghton, Donald 
Howell, Larry T.
Huber, Ewald
Huckaby, Fuller O.
Hulon, Jack
Hunt, John P.
Irvin, Herbert E.
Isaac, Reuben E.
Isenberg, Emil
Text Box: Janssen, Howard J.
Jennings, Samuel S.
Jepsen, Darrell
Johns, Elwood
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Michael E.
Kadinger, Robert J.
Kauk, Keith
Kermicle, Harlin R.
Klemm, Floyd P.
Kodesch, Charles
Koelle, Benjamin
Kress, Edward
Kvidera, Larry
Ladner, Winston
Ladson, Ulmer
Landon, Neal F.
Lanpkin, Gerald T.
Lattiner, Goerge
Ledbetter, Robert L.
Locicero, Joseph
Lohmann, Gayle A.
Loudermilk, John D.
Lund, Larry Thomas
Macayan, Florentin
MacDonald, Paul J.
Maceri, Angelo
Machen, Elton
Martin, James R.
McCord, Warren
McCracken, Harry
McCullough, Don J.
McDouguald, Robert
McFadden, William
McInarnay, Michael 
McKay, Verlon
McMahon, Walter S.
Milligan, Delester, .
Morrison, Joe
Morritt, Etrall 
Murphy, Calvan H.
Murray, James L.
Nelson, Larry A.
Newell, Darrel K.
Nolte, Lester
Olaveson, James .
Oleson, Ken
Osotio, Ricardo .
Pankonien, William
Papa, John (Jack)
Parkin, Arthur
Peerson, Jack
Pinder, Marcel
Pinzon, Alfredo J.
Text Box: Poisson, Conrad
Porteous, Joseph
Powers, Reginald
Proulx, Ronald
Puckett, Nathan
Redfield, Russ
Rein, Randall W.
Reink, Robert
Richardson, Ray
Rigdon, Charles 
Rudd, Malcolm 
Rumley, William
Russell, Wayne
Ryan, Randall M.
Sanders, Clark
Sanders, Morgan.
Sandoval, Edward.
Sapp, William C.
Savel, John J., Jr.
Schaaf, Donald T.
Scholly, Victor
Siciliano, Louis
Sitton, David
Smith, Jay
Smith, Jimmie C.
Smith, Richard L.
Spruance, Edward
Starke, Martin
Staubs, Jr., William
Stelzig, Delbert
Stewart, Jack
Tahamont, David
Taylor, John C.
Terrell, Alex
Thomas, Albert .
Thome, Christian 
Tibbets, Joe
Trigg, George
Tucker, Milton J.
Walker, George
Wallis, Larry
Waymack, James .
Webb, William H.
White, Eddie
Williams, Carlie
Wilson, Glen W.
Winders, George
Zinn, Franklyn K.
Zunick, Joseph L.
Text Box: VERLON McKAY, age 66, of Alexander, Arkansas, passed March 22, 2004.  Born June 9, 1937, in Kennett, Missouri, he served in the US Navy assigned to the USS Whetstone from 1954 and was discharged in 1961.  Verlon was a leading advocate for disability issues and was Past President of ADAPT of Arkansas.  He was a graduate with a Masters Degreein Psychology and went on to become a child psychologist at Benton Services Center.  He is survived by his wife, Barabara McKay; two sons, Michael and Verlon McKay, Jr.; two daughters, Patricia Caldwell and Shelly McKay and six grandchildren and two stepchildren.  Funeral services were held Friday, March 26, 2004 in the Chapel of Griffin Leggett Forest Hills, Alexander, Arkansas.  Burial followed at Forest Hills Memorial Park.  
Verlon attended our reunion in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1998 and enjoyed meeting with friends from the Whetstone.
Jerry Erath (SK, 1960-63) notified us recently that he had heard that Joseph LoCicero (CS2, 1960-62) had been killed when he fell from a roof.  Upon contacting his wife, Theresa, we found Joe had passed in 2001.  Joe was active with the American Legion.  He was helping at the American Legion with a roof job when the ladder fell, he suffered fatal injury.  Theresa forwarded us the following:
JOSEPH R. LoCICERO, SR. died July 26, 2001 at Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center.  The New Orleans native lived in Brunswick, Georgia.  He attended Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton, NC.  He was a chief petty officer in the Navy and received the National Defense Service Medal and the Good Conduct Medal.  He was a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.  He was a member of the Fleet Reserve, a lifetime member and American Legion Commander of Post #9, a lifetime member of the  Knights of Columbus,  and a member of the American Culinary Federation, which he received the first Presidential Medal.  Survivors include his wife, Theresa JoAnne LoCicero; a son, Joseph R. LoCicero II of Lexington, KY; four daughters, Ann Marie LoCicero of Athens, GA, Margaret Newbern, Nancy Bryant and Mary Kennison and six grandchildren.  
Bill Coakley (MM, 1959-62) has kept in contact with Verlon McKay (BT1, 1958-61) and found out that Verlon was in the hospital.  He e-mailed us the following: with:






























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