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Text Box: To order any Ship’s Store item please contact Marion Goble, 6200 Emerald Pines Circle, Ft. Myers, FL 33912, (239)768-1449 or e-mail: 
When submitting an order, please make checks payable to:
 USS Whetstone Association.
All jackets and golf shirts are navy blue with gold lettering. T-shirts are navy blue with gold lettering or gray with navy lettering. Hats are navy blue with gold silhouette of ship or white with navy blue silhouette of ship. 
Items for Sale:
Ball Caps (With Silhouette)
Golf Shirts (S,M,L,XL) 
T-Shirts (S,M,L,XLG, XXL)  
Jackets (S,M,LG,XLG) 
Jackets (XXL & XXXL) 
Yosemite Sam Patches
$  8.00
Mousepads (Ship Picture)
Zippo Knives w/Ship Silhouette
Zippo Lighters w/Ship Silhouette
Whetstone Pictures
Whetstone Pictures on Canvas
Also available are 1957, 61, 66, 67/68 and 69 cruise books for $20.00.
Note:  All Prices Include Shipping

Some Reunion Innovations 

During the course of the Reunion Events we are going to attempt to video record as much of what happens as we can.  Primarily, the focus will be on the Hospitality Room, the Welcome Dinner and the Farewell Dinner.

A large portion of this will be taking place in the Hospitality Room.  The focus will be on obtaining a short bio from each member in attendance.  To this end we will be asking you to furnish the following information in your own words:

  1. Your Name – Last name first, first name last.  Just as you used to.
  2. Rate/Rank attained prior to departure from the Whetstone.
  3. Dates of service onboard….Month and Year if possible.
  4. Present status.  i.e., Married, children, occupation.
  5. A short description of life events after departure.
  6. A Memorable moment or two while onboard.

These and all of the recorded events will be transferred to DVD so that everyone will have an upfront and personal keepsake of the 2006 USS Whetstone (LSD-27) Reunion.  The tours will not be on video.  However, if anyone has a digital Video camera and would like to share their scenes, we would be most appreciative.
There will be a charge for the DVD’s which has not been determined.




































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