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20th  Edition

September 2002

Shipmates Meet Once Again
Hampton, Virginia
August 22--August 24, 2002

The rewards of finding people you served with and talking over old times is what the USS Whetstone Association is all about. It was so good to see new faces at the reunion that I served with in 1963-66 that I had not seen since that time. It is my desire that each of you will contact each other and keep this Association alive and well. 

In closing, I want to challenge each of you who have never attended a reunion to come to the Seattle, Washington, area in the fall of 2004 and meet up with some of the greatest guys you will ever meet. What a pleasure it is to call them my shipmates.

  Marion Goble, President

Some Additional Comments:

Remember, in the last newsletter, you received a Muster List containing names, cities and states of shipmates located. Should you want to contact anyone, please notify me by phone, US mail or e-mail and I will give you additional information to enable you to contact them. We never print street addresses or phone numbers to keep a certain amount of security within the Association. 

For those who attended the reunion and purchased the video, I have received a sample of the first two sections and have been in contact with Wayne Garriepy. It takes approximately 9 to 10 weeks to put the video together and you may expect prior to the Thanksgiving holidays. If you didn't purchase a video at the reunion and would like to, or if you didn't attend the reunion and want to see what it is all about, please call Wayne at (508) 222-4836, write him at 387 North Main Street, Mansfield, MA 02048 or e-mail him at wg77@earthlink.net. The videos are $35.00 for those interested.

PLEASE let us know if your e-mail address is not correct in the newsletter. People call me and want updated addresses. But I can't give the right address if no one tells of a change.

Marion Goble
(239) 768-1449

1st Vice President
Jim Dunn
(858) 566-1745

2nd Vice President
L. E (Rusty) Draper
(361) 364-1917

Kay Goble
(239) 768-1449

Membership Chairman
Tom Britt
(858) 578-8926

Marvin Watson
(402) 421-8957

Bill Martin
(281) 427-6828

Newsletter Editor
John Worman
(505) 437-9872


The Rolling Stone is a
Quarterly publication of the USS Whetstone LSD-27 Association, INC.
The Association is a non profit, historical and educational organization dedicated to
promoting fraternal, civic,
patriotic and historical
memories of those who
served aboard.


The 4th USS Whetstone Reunion was held at the Chamberlin Hotel in Hampton, Virginia. It was wonderful renewing friendships and beginning new friendships with men that served aboard the "Stone." 

What a troop of shipmates we have in our Association. Regardless of the many challenges this reunion brought….whether it be hotel problems, a heat index of 115° each day, etc., our shipmates joined together to make this a memorable reunion and left each of us looking forward to 2004 when we will meet in the Seattle, Washington area for our 5th Reunion.

It is hard to believe that Bill Martin's vision of a USS Whetstone Reunion and Association has just completed the 4th reunion (1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002), our roster has gone from 150 people in 1996 to over 1,200 in 2002 and we are continuing to grow. When we first met in Las Vegas in 1996, not one of us envisioned the friendships we would make and sustain throughout the years, how we would look forward to seeing each other as often as possible and keeping in contact, and looking forward to the newsletters. My hats are off to each and every one of you that are the Association and participate in any way to keep the Association strong.

One example of the caring people that we have was demonstrated once again last week when three shipmates from the 1950's, Joe Kirby, Charles Pierce and George Tucker, drove from the East Coast to Oklahoma to visit a shipmate they served aboard with who is gravely ill, Wayne Russell.

Two other men, Vito Speziale and Russ Redfield, that served in 1945-46 and met at our first reunion in Las Vegas, after not seeing each other for many years, now keep in constant touch with each other.

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