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The Rolling Stone is a
Quarterly publication of the USS Whetstone LSD-27 Association, INC.
The Association is a non profit, historical and educational organization dedicated to
promoting fraternal, civic,
patriotic and historical
memories of those who
served aboard.

Ahoy Shipmates!   
Here it is September  already and time for another newsletter to hit the streets. Summer is winding down and it has been hot in all parts of the country! Reminds me of Viet Nam in the Boiler Room when the temperatures averaged 141° to 148° 24 hours a day. Everybody was breaking out in heat rash and sick bay was busy. Some departments were shorthanded and no relief to be found.   

I've received several phone calls from men throughout the states and really enjoy visiting and sharing time with each. Even though we all served in different time frames, we all have some of the same stories to tell. 

One thing I want to address this newsletter is  locating shipmates. If any of you know where any of your past shipmates might be, we would sure appreciate you dropping their names to Don and myself and we will try locating them. In the past two months I have made approximately 150 phone calls and located six men. Actually, that is a pretty good average. I just need to get on the phone more. At the present, I do not have muster lists for 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959 but am in the process of ordering microfilm from U.S. Navy . Any help that you can give toward our goal of reaching a 1000 by the reunion would be appreciated. Presently we have 675 located.

Dates for our next reunion in San Diego have been set. Information about the reunion is being addressed in another article of the newsletter. We are looking forward to a large turnout especially with so many living in the western states.    By getting the dates and hotel a year in advance, we believe there is enough time for all to schedule time off for the reunion in September, 2000.


Date:           September 27 - 29, 2000
Wednesday Evening   9/27/00 -- Social
  Thursday Evening     9/28/00 -- Harbor Cruise
  Friday Evening         9/29/00 -- Banquet 
     Additional daily activities will be available
     and announced next newsletter.
Place:      Clarion Hotel Bay View, San Diego
Room rates:     $90 for Single/Double
            $100 for a Triple
Parking:          $10.00 per day

:    800-766-0234
Request Whetstone Reunion to get preferred room rate
.   The preferred room rate is available for 3 days prior and 3 days after the reunion for those that want to spend additional days in San Diego. Additional days are on availability only basis so must be requested when reservations are made for reunion. 

Start planning for a great reunion.
Make those reservations soon !!

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