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Text Box:  U.S.S. WHETSTONE (LSD-27)
(RM2 - 1962-66)
Text Box: Ahoy there and welcome to this special, “pictorial” post-reunion edition of The Rolling Stone newsletter.  For those who joined your fellow shipmates in Corpus, this issue will preserve our fond memories of renewed friendships, great “sea stories”, and reconnecting with many mates attending our reunion for the very first time.
For those association members that were unable to join us in Corpus, you were greatly missed and we look forward to being with you in 2008, in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.
Please direct your attention to the officers and staff listing located on the front page, left side.  Your newly elected board, 1st Vice President, Bill Coakley, 2nd Vice President & Chaplain, Marvin Watson, Reunion Chairperson, Everett Ward, and I, are pleased and excited about working for you during the next two years.  My recognition would not be complete without thanking our tireless continuing staff, John Worman, David Vydra, Bill Martin, Marion and Kay Goble.  To Jim Dunn and Rusty Draper, thanks for your “yeoman’s” work on the Corpus reunion; it was great!
Start planning now to be with us in Charleston for our 2008 celebration of where the majority of us “grew up”….on the “Stone”.  I have asked Everett to provide us with a “sneak peek” in each future edition of our newsletter regarding the opportunities we may have in Charleston and the surrounding area.
I have listed my personal email address (See Hardcopy of Newsletter) and telephone number (480.857.3182) for any member who has a question, comment, concern, or recommendation about our association.  Please feel free to contact me. 
I look forward to seeing ALL of you again in Charleston.  Meanwhile, may you have “fair winds and following seas”, and enjoy a restful & bountiful Thanksgiving.


Text Box: President
Charles Hall
(480) 857-3182
1st Vice President
Bill Coakley
(781) 391-2598 
2nd Vice President
Marvin Watson
(402) 421-8957

Kay Goble 
(239) 768-1449
Marion Goble 768-1449 
Reunion Chairman
Everett Ward
(910) 790-1995
Marvin Watson
(402) 421-8957
Bill Martin
(281) 427-6828
Newsletter Editor
John Worman
(505) 437-9872
David Vydra
The Rolling Stone is a Quarterly publication of the USS Whetstone LSD-27 Association, INC. The Association is a non profit, historical and educational    organization dedicated to promoting fraternal, civic, patriotic and historical memories of those who served aboard.

Text Box: November 2006


Text Box: 37th Edition


























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